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Head’s Blog: Shaping Success

14th October 2022

Reflecting on the half term and the numerous conversations I have been having with staff and parents, I find myself wanting to share a commonly discussed area – success. Whilst this is an obvious goal for any educator or parent, it is worth drawing attention to the different guises that success can be found in…

Head’s Blog: The Art of Performance

1st April 2022

Will Smith’s very public behaviour at the Oscars Award ceremony this week has understandably dominated news coverage of the event and, rather regrettably for him, overshadowed a long awaited career high. It serves as a clear example of the impact our behaviour choices have on how we are seen by others and the challenge human…

Head’s Blog: Character – The Driver to Success?

11th February 2022

Leading any school means one is always cognisant of the responsibility to shape an environment which delivers the best possible outcome for the young people it serves. The challenges, emotional and practical, presented by the pandemic have only heightened my personal feelings of responsibility – seeking to ensure the longer term effects on education are…

Head’s Blog: Capturing Curiosity in Boys

28th January 2022

One oft-cited criticism of an exam focused education system is that it suppresses creativity and curiosity, characteristics continually recognised as being crucial for success in our increasingly technologically driven world. Educators around the globe are often to be found searching for avenues that allow and encourage that expression and at Elmhurst School for Boys we…

Head’s Blog: Bedding a Growth Mindset into our Behaviour

15th December 2021

Reflecting on the second half of the Autumn Term, there will be others who have noticed that early mornings starts seem to feel harder on the colder days, and the shorter evenings have the propensity to send us into an almost hibernating state. Except, of course, if you live or work with small children. One…

Head’s Blog: Celebrating a Half Term of Togetherness

15th October 2021

As the half term break begins, collectively as a community, I know we have benefitted hugely from an uninterrupted and full educational experience. It is certainly worth reflecting on some of the significant moments and sharing my own perspective on Elmhurst’s magic.   The minibuses play a significant part in our lives here: opening up…

Head’s Blog: Does Uniform Matter? Part 1

1st October 2021

Anyone who works with boys, or has boys, will no doubt be achingly familiar with the lost item routine. Just a few short weeks at Elmhurst and I am already aware that here, as it was in my last school, one of the most frustrating challenges faced on a daily basis is getting uniform to…

Head’s Blog: The Importance of Challenge

24th September 2021

The Guinness Book of Records published its 2022 edition this week and I can’t wait to get a look at it. It has always fascinated me to read about some of the incredible world records people have achieved but mainly because I want to know, why? A quick internet search gives an insight into some…

Head’s Blog: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try and Try Again

17th September 2021

Bromley raised Emma Radecanu provoked the latest surge of British sporting pride, last Saturday evening, as she secured an unprecedented victory at Flushing Meadows, becoming the US Women’s Tennis Open Champion. A fan of the game or not, the news has been hard to miss, with her success giving media owners and consumers, around the…

Head’s Blog: Superheroes

10th September 2021

Superheroes are an important part of life at Elmhurst – they remind us of six important skills that we need to develop to optimise our learning. Even our Reception boys can identify when their work has earned superhero status – there is a display wall to prove it when you enter No. 48, if you doubt…

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