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Posted: 30th May 2022

Inspiration is a very personal thing. For some, Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ is exactly the sort of prose that lights a fire inside them, providing focus and forward momentum, and chosen by the sport of Rugby as inspiration for players many times over. For others, learning and research provide a message that resonates and motivates. I heard this week about a passionate plea from a Y6 pupil for ‘Meat Free Mondays’ in school as a response to his deepening understanding of the impact of meat processing on carbon footprints. I am waiting to hear more to see if we could make a difference at Elmhurst this way because this sort of passion is certainly something that inspires this Headteacher..

Whatever the source of our inspiration, the energy and optimism inspiration provides is an important element in our pursuit of happiness. As we move towards the Platinum Jubilee, to celebrate the longest serving British Monarch in Queen Elizabeth II, inspiration from her 70 year long reign is evident across the country. This week’s Chelsea Flower Show for example presents some stunning reflections of her service as the nation prepares for 4 days of celebration in her honour. Royalist or not, one must acknowledge the exceptional dedication the Queen has shown in her role. Service to others is something that we can all benefit from.

England footballer Marcus Rashford is another potential source of inspiration, standing at the forefront of campaigns for free school meals during the pandemic and now prize-winning author as his debut non fiction work, You Are A Champion, won book of the year at the British Book Awards this week. Written to inspire young people to achieve, the BBC quote Rashford as saying “I am really happy with it and hopefully it shows that if we can get books in the hands of children, it allows them to dream and believe in whatever they want to achieve in life.”

So why not take the time to look for inspiration around you every day. It will not always be something extraordinary that catches your eye, indeed it may be a very small deed. Regardless, finding inspiration will give you an extra spring in your step as you go about your day. 



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