Elmhurst Alumni Reunion

Posted: 16th September 2023

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of welcoming many familiar faces back to Elmhurst. The day provided a unique opportunity for old friends and classmates to come together and take a trip down memory lane. It allowed us to delve into our archives, where we uncovered many records and photos that stirred nostalgia and fond recollections.

The atmosphere was great with many ex-pupils sharing and reminiscing on their time spent here. They even had the chance to ring the famous playground bell. A special highlight of the day was the return of Mr Anderson, our former headmaster who left the school in 2008, and a massive thank you to Miss Crispy for providing an amazing lunch for everyone to enjoy.

This event marked the beginning of an exciting journey as we endeavor to expand and strengthen our alumni network. We’re eager to continue spreading the word and fostering connections among our alumni community. For more information email marketing@elmhurstschool.net or visit our Alumni page on our website.

Take a look at our short film below:

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