Upper School Sports Day

Posted: 11th July 2024

This year’s Upper School Sports Day was a resounding success filled with enthusiasm, competition and camaraderie. Held at the picturesque Trinity playing fields, the event brought together students, teachers and parents for a day of athletic excellence and house pride.

The day began early with students from Year 3 to Year 6 eagerly participating in the morning field events. The air buzzed with excitement as students prepared for their first challenges: the high jump, long jump and cricket ball throwing.

In the long jump pit, students displayed impressive agility and coordination, soaring through the air with remarkable ease. It was a sight to behold as each participant pushed their limits, landing further with every attempt.

The cricket ball throwing event added an extra layer of excitement, with students showcasing their throwing skills honed on the playground and in PE classes. The sight of cricket balls soaring through the sky, backed by the cheers of their peers, was truly inspiring. Each throw was a testament to the students’ determination and practice.

After lunch, the focus shifted to the track events where the atmosphere was electric. The track became a blur of motion as students lined up for races, their faces set with determination and focus. Events included sprints, relays, and longer distance runs, each one pushing the athletes to showcase their speed and endurance.

Throughout the day the spirit of friendly competition was palpable. Students proudly wore their House colours, cheering on their teammates and celebrating each other’s achievements. The sense of community and support was a highlight, reinforcing the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.

As the day drew to a close the scores were tallied and anticipation filled the air. In a moment of triumph and joy, Peachell House was crowned the overall winner of Upper School Sports Day. Well done everyone!

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