Learning & Development

Working with our experienced staff in Little Elms, your child will embark on their school journey in a supportive, caring environment. From the very start, school routines are established and followed so the preparation for transition is encompassed in everything.

Each week the learning involves time spent in specialist sessions of:

  • Phonics
  • Maths
  • Music
  • Computing
  • PE
  • Spanish
  • Forest School
  • Gardening Club
  • Yoga

The nursery pupils learn phonics using the same programme as the rest of the school and early maths is also introduced. Daily challenges are part of the routine, creating an expectation that the child will learn to stretch themselves in their learning.

Little Elms learners are consistently supporting the children’s emotional and developmental needs, fostering emotional intelligence and helping them develop conversational skills to discuss their day and express their feelings.

We prepare the children for their move to Reception so that there is very little need for a transition period. We integrate the children into daily school life right from the start, from playtimes (which run concurrently with children in the older years) to golden assemblies, the Little Elms are very much part of the Elmhurst cohort.

The children are taught through play as well as 1:1 lessons with Mrs King. Every child is seen as an individual and is supported according to their abilities.

Little Elms, like the rest of Elmhurst is a happy and purposeful place to be.