Our Commitment to Parents

Every decision made at our school is done with the best interests of the pupils at its heart. Parents are encouraged to be an active participant in their son’s educational journey and throughout the year, staff will actively engage with parents to involve and inform them about the academic process.

From the very first days in Little Elms, when the family photographs are displayed in the room, pupils and parents are encouraged to be part of the school team that works to nurture your son’s brilliance. We build strong relationships based on mutual respect and our small school means staff are readily accessible and able to help should problems arise.

Throughout the school year we hold workshops for parents, give regular written and oral feedback through parents evenings, written reports and open classroom events. We actively look to bring parents together through school events, supported by the EFA and we enjoy real benefits from parent support with reading, libraries and trips.

We enjoy excellent governance through our Bellevue family of schools and regular parent feedback forums and questionnaires provide opportunities for parents to feedback on our work. Additionally, parent ambassadors meet on a termly basis to review school development plans and help shape the direction of the school.

Partnerships are a key strategic pillar for the school in recognition of the great strength the parent – pupil – school communication triangle brings.


We are excited to announce, from September 2024, Elmhurst will open its doors to girls throughout the school. Nursery to Year 3  will become coeducational. If you are interested please email admissions@elmhurstschool.net 

Whole School Open Morning 

Join us on Friday 6th October between 9.30am and 12. Please complete the registration form  or email marketing@elmhurstschool.net for more information.