Year 5

Year 5 visit London Docklands Museum

11th November 2022

Inside the museum, we had a lecture about what the museum was. The building was a warehouse in the 1600s for making tobacco and other produce. Outside the Docklands lay the Thames. Many rats filled the Thames and came into the warehouse. Before the benefit of cats, black slaves had to exterminate the rats else…

James Carter Visits Elmhurst School for Boys – HI, Yr 4

24th November 2021

On the 23rd of November 2021, famous poet, James Carter, visited Elmhurst School for Boys to conduct a Poetry Workshop for Years 1, 2, 4 and 5.  When I saw a mysterious man in our school hall, playing the grand piano and an electric keyboard, I was pleasantly surprised, because I was expecting a serious…

Year 5 Tell Us About Their Trip to The London Museum Docklands for Their Studies on Black History

12th October 2021

Black History Month is once again Elmhurst ’s focus for October. This is a special time where we promote knowledge of black history, culture and heritage.  Our value this month is 'Proud to Be'. Alongside our core British Values, we encourage the children to reflect on previous work, and explore ideas that promote respect and…


We are excited to announce, from September 2024, Elmhurst will open its doors to girls throughout the school. Nursery to Year 3  will become coeducational. If you are interested please email admissions@elmhurstschool.net 

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