Our Values

Our aim is to deliver 11+ preparation in a supportive environment that develops character and confidence, laying the foundations for success in the wider world. We embrace a growth mindset through our values based approach and help our pupils build good learning habits. Our learners are encouraged to be kind, curious, respectful, determined and brave.


Our thriving, supportive and inclusive school community is built on the foundation of kindness. We encourage our whole community to be kind to one another and to the world around them. The little acts of kindness that make our school so special are celebrated in our classrooms, hallways, and playgrounds. Our harmony council is an important voice in school parliament and the group meets regularly to look at ways we can encourage children to be friends and allies, ready to lend a hand or listen when needed. Our school value of kindness extends beyond the walls of our school to the wider community through various initiatives and long standing links, such as our work with the Joshua Orphan and Community Care, in Malawi and the Croydon Refugee Centre.


Meaningful learning often begins with curiosity, which ignites a desire to learn. To nurture inquisitive minds and prepare our students for an exploration-filled future, we are committed to developing curiosity through an integrated curriculum that has literacy at its heart and is supported with enriching events. 

We look to create inspiring physical and emotional spaces for discovery throughout our curriculum. We support our pupils as they explore new subjects, prepare for challenges, and embark on their own learning journeys. Curiosity is encouraged as pupils explore the numerous opportunities for stretch and challenge. Our goal is to develop future leaders, thinkers, and creators.


Throughout our school community, respect is at the heart of all of our interactions and relationships. Creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported begins with treating each other with kindness, consideration and understanding. Respect extends not only to how we treat one another, but also to the diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ideas that make our community special. Pupils and staff are encouraged to have open, empathetic, and inclusive conversations.


Growth takes work and our learners understand that determination is a key factor in moving from ‘I cannot do it YET’ to ‘I can!’.  In helping pupils achieve their goals and overcome challenges, we express our commitment to encouraging determination inside and outside of the classroom. Progress, improvement and effort are recognised alongside achievement and attainment, to promote a culture of commitment to development and provide encouragement to those who are not there ‘yet’.


Being brave is one of the most challenging things we ask of ourselves as learners. Being brave means taking a risk and accepting that failure may be an outcome. Brave often feels uncomfortable but by celebrating and supporting pupils when they take those brave steps, we aim to embrace an attitude that will ultimately provide the opportunity for growth and achievement. They become not just learners, but adventurers, explorers, and creators. Developing bravery in children allows them to become leaders, visionaries, and catalysts of positive change in their communities.