Our co-educational offer

We are delighted to be opening our doors to girls at Elmhurst in September 2024 as we become a fully co-educational school.

Elmhurst has long been recognised as a school with small class sizes that nurtures the brilliance in pupils through a broad, balanced curriculum.

As we transition to co-education, we are proud to offer a small school environment that supports boys and girls in their preparation for senior school at 11+. Working in partnership with parents, we work to find the right senior schools for our families.

Whilst welcoming girls will bring some organisational demands, we remain true to the values at the core of the Elmhurst community; those of respect, kindness, curiosity, bravery and determination.

During the period of transition we understand that there may be questions, and we hope the following answers are helpful.

For anything further, please get in touch with our admissions team.

Which year groups are now welcoming girls?

We are now welcoming girls into our Nursery class and accepting registrations for Reception up to Year 3 from September 2024.

How do existing staff and students feel about the move to co-education?

Having a positive outlook on co-education brought an exciting sense of enthusiasm about the future.

Has the school’s move to co-education affected the class sizes?

Class sizes will remain small at Elmhurst. Our school’s smaller size allows each child to be personally known and valued for their contributions to our community. This is a very important part of the educational experience we offer. In our Nursery class, we will be providing a second room to allow more pupils to benefit from the pre-school environment and join our Reception class well prepared for school life.

What do you expect the girl/boy ratio to be?

The school will gradually transition into a fully co-educational environment by 2027, with girls making up around 50%.

Will class sizes increase as a result? 

As a result of our excellent pupil-to-teacher ratio, Elmhurst has retained its smaller class sizes.

Will after school clubs be affected? 

It is our constant goal to ensure that our after-school clubs meet the needs of all children. The offer is broad and responsive to pupil’s interests.

Have the changes affected the selection and scholarship process?

The selection of all pupils is based on their individual merit, regardless of their gender. The scholarship process will remain the same as it has always been, with awards based on merit.

Does the school provide separate toilets for boys and girls?

For boys and girls, the current provision is in compliance with regulations and best practices.

Has pastoral care been affected?

Our pastoral team is highly experienced and dedicated. Students are treated as individuals regardless of their gender, and their pastoral needs are met to the fullest extent possible.

Do staff have experience of teaching in a co-educational environment?

Co-educational experience is prevalent among the school’s staff.

Have subject choices changed?

All subjects are open to all genders – our ethos is centred around the individual. Our curriculum includes a wide range of subjects and is regularly reviewed; this will remain the same.

Is the school investing in the facilities? 

Investing in facilities over time is part of our mission to deliver the best educational experience and during the academic year we will be looking to upgrade our outdoor play facilities.

How do you plan to maintain balance in the classroom?

The classroom environment is managed by our skilled teachers in a way that ensures that everyone has equal opportunity, regardless of gender. Across all year groups, we are able to manage this effectively and easily thanks to highly qualified, specialist staff, excellent resources, and small classes.

Get in touch today for September 2024 registration, we look forward to meeting you!