ISA Cross Country Champions

As Mr V always says: ‘there’s a sport for everyone’. Sports and physical activity offer more than just physical fitness benefits, but also foster important skills that can be transferred to academic learning. At Elmhurst, we provide an enhanced sports programme from Little Elms all the way through to Year 6 to nurture the transferable skills that can enhance our students’ academic success.

Through our enriched sports offering, our school is not only promoting physical fitness but also fostering skills that will benefit our boys’ academic and personal development.

Sport promotes concentration, focus, and alertness. It was lovely to observe the boys playing football this morning before registration, developing these important skills before starting class.

Teamwork is another crucial skill that can be learned through sports and transferred to academic learning. Our school emphasises the importance of collaboration and communication through group work. Problem-solving skills can also be enhanced through sports; the boys learn to analyse situations, make quick decisions and develop critical thinking skills.

Finally, sports can teach resilience, determination, and perseverance. Celebrating our students’ achievements and offering support and encouragement during challenges helps foster these important skills.

On that note, we are delighted to celebrate this week’s sports achievements which saw Elmhurst U9s winning the ISA Cross Country Championships – a special mention goes to Yannick who came first overall!