LifeLab Final Assembly

LifeLab, the company that runs our business and enterprise programme of study for Year 6 came into assembly to present the boys with the final results of their endeavours in the process.

The award for the best perfect pitch went to ‘Splash and Pop’, consisting of Max, Aren, Arjun, Sam, Freddie and Lucian. This demonstrates their prowess with public speaking and their video advert was so astounding that LifeLab will be using it to exemplify good advertising to other schools.

The team ‘Ninja Smoreros’: Noah, Jahaan, Daniyal, Daniel and Karan, who sold a range of food products won the most profitable award, the group making a staggering  £136.

The enterprise fair was a huge success and thank you to all the parents who supported Year 6.

The boys’ combined total profit was £503.85, with each group turning over a profit in excess of £100. A huge effort from all.

The benefits of the LifeLab programme of study are huge, and the impact report can be read here.