Maths Week At Elmhurst

Maths Week arrived at Elmhurst and our Year 5/6 and KS1 boys joined forces for an incredible collaborative project! Together, they delved into the world of real life problem-solving, applying mathematical concepts with enthusiasm. A highlight was the engaging maths workshop led by our older boys, where the focus was on mastering the art of providing accurate change.

The boys have enthusiastically embraced the engaging challenges set by Mrs Neagu throughout the week. The EFA funded maths workshop proved to be both enjoyable and enriching for our KS2 boys. Additionally, they were fortunate to participate in a STEM workshop led by Mr Shenoy. These experiences have truly brought the subject of Maths to life for our pupils. Thank you to everyone involved for a great week!

Friday 19th April

Elmhurst School Open Day

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Friday 19th April 2024

9:30am  – 12pm

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