Year 2 visit Croydon Fire Station

Posted: 11th November 2022

Year 2 have been busy learning about the Great fire of London this term. They have been comparing London fire services from 1666 to 2022 and were fortunate enough to get first hand experience to visit Croydon Old Town fire station. The boys were very excited to have a personalised tour of the station. They observed a fireman coming down the pole, explored the watch room, heard the alarm, and even got to try using the hose to ‘put out a (pretend) house fire’. The boys also had the opportunity to explore the fire truck. They were able to sit inside and the firefighters showed some of their important equipment they use when they are on watch. At the end of the tour they had the opportunity to extend their learning and understanding of the role of the firefighters by asking questions that they had written themselves during our English lesson. One boy said, ‘this was a dream come true!’
Thank you Croydon fire fighters it was a fantastic trip.

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