Online Art with Fion Gunn

Posted: 23rd September 2021

On Wednesday 22nd September, Year 6 had an online session with professional artist, Fion Gunn.

“She had designed a new art called 'techno-art', which is a game with a landscape that artists create virtually.  She showed us a video of what different artists had created, including herself.  She had made a series of hoops like a rollercoster, which was really cool because it looked really fun.  Another artist had created a desert landscape, which looked very life-like.
Fion Gunn wanted to show us 'the hub' where you could teleport into different worlds and there is going to be a real video game about it.
Year 6 gave their opinions on the experience for Fionn to use as feedback. We thought it was really good fun!”
Lucian Joshi, Year 6.
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