Year 5 Anti-Bullying Assembly – AR, Yr 5

Posted: 15th November 2021

“To mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week, the whole school wore odd socks and Year 5 did an assembly about bullying.

We spoke about different situations of bullying, like whether someone accidently pushing you to get the ball when playing a game is bullying or not. Bullying may happen because someone is feeling bad about themselves and takes it out on you, and they do it again and again. There are 4 types of bullying: Cyber, Verbal, Physical and Indirect.

We made a video of the different types of bullying and showed it in the assembly. The assembly also had two people talking about bullying. We made a big poster that said “It Is Cool To Be Kind” and sung a song called 'One Kind Word'.”

– AR, Year 5

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