A Recount of The Elmhurst Christmas Fair – KG, Yr 4

Posted: 29th November 2021

Excitedly, I woke up today. It was a big day because it was the School Christmas Fair!! It all started at 3 o’clock when my mum along with HCH and NB’s mum, set up the Year 4 stall. Four minutes later, all the boys could attend the Christmas fair because school had ended.

Firstly, I went to the Year 4 stall where they sold hot chocolate, tea, coffee and cupcakes. The cupcakes were as colourful as a rainbow and the muffins were delicious and scrumptious.

Afterwards, I went to the raffle. Surprisingly, I won a dinosaur. It had red eyes and gave a lour ROAR! Sadly, I didn’t pick up any more prizes.

Just then, I went to the tattoo stall. I didn’t have any money left but the lady that was in charge of the stall said, ‘Well you’re my special reader so you don’t need to pay!!’ She made a silver and shiny tattoo of a snowman.

After that, I went to a stall where you had to knock the cans down. I threw the ball at the cans and I got a perfect score. I won some chocolates and sweets.

Finally, I went around the Christmas Fair with my mum and I decorated a gingerbread man beautifully. In the end, I said goodbye and thank you before going home. Today was the best day ever! Will the Christmas Fair be just as exciting next year?

By KG, Yr 4

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