Mindfulness in action!, Madame Hargreaves

Posted: 2nd February 2022

Year 1 have been having weekly mindfulness classes with Madame Hargreaves.

They are learning the importance of living in the moment and giving our busy brains a break. Regular practice of being mindful not only makes us happier, but it can also help improve concentration, reduce stress, and improve our ability to cope with negative emotions like fear and anger. 

The boys have been practising different breathing techniques for relaxation and drawing their own ‘breathing mountains’. They are learning mindful meditations, using visualisation and yoga, sitting, lying down, and focussing concentration by isolating different parts of the body.

These are the things that we check before starting a sitting meditation: Feet on the ground, Hands on knees, Shoulders down, Sitting up, Eyes closed, Face relaxed.

You can try this with your son at home. Here are some links to follow for guided breathing meditations, or simply play relaxing nature music and practice breathing steadily and slowly, inhaling through the nose and out of the mouth. Just a few minutes can help!



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