Year 6 Trip to the Churchill Theatre

Posted: 10th March 2022

To enrich the learning of our book in Autumn Term, this week, Year 6 travelled to see the production of Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.Set against the backdrop of WW1, this adaptation was portrayed by just a cast of seven and brought the main protagonists of Tommo, Charlie, Molly to life, as well as the antagonists of the Colonel and Sergeant 'Horrible' Hanley.

“It followed the story for the book accurately which brought my previous imagination of it to life.”- Karan
“It was interesting to watch and drew me in. They didn't change the scenery but made the most of it-imagining the trenches and the countryside.”- Sam
“The acting was brilliant and there was lots of tension.” – Arjun
“It was sad at the end and the audience was crying.”- Max
“Thanks to our parent volunteers for helping with this trip. It was a definitely worthwhile experience.” – Mr. Cater

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