Year 6 Visit Sutton Life Centre

Posted: 30th March 2022

As part of the enrichment for their transition to Secondary School, Year 6 visited Sutton Life Centre to learn about a wide variety of ways to be streetwise and stay safe.

The boys did workshops on: E-safety, knife-crime, anti-bullying, peer-pressure, pollution, electricity safety, public transport safety, fire safety, crime awareness, healthy eating and drug awareness- including alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs vs. medical.

There was a lot to take in but the aim of the trip is to equip the boys with the knowledge on how to stay safe as they make the move into Year 7 and begin to gain more autonomy.

“I realised that when there’s a fire, you have to get down low to breathe.”-Mithun
“The 360 Room was cool because I learnt about all kinds of warning signs.” -Taran
“I learnt that you must never go on a train line because the electric or train could kill you.”- Lucian
“I’ve learnt that if there’s a fire, you should block up the bottom of a door to stop smoke coming through.” -Aren
“Knives can be used against you so you shouldn’t carry them. You might also commit a crime in self-defence by using a knife against someone.” -Sam
“If someone offers you alcohol, don’t take it as one in seven children are involved in accidents due to alcohol consumption.” – William
“I learnt that one or two people die from fires started on purpose, every week.”-Luke
“The workshop inspired me to make more right choices about what to eat.”- Arjun
“I felt like I was there because of the screen displays which were all around us.” Daniyal 
“I learnt that drugs come in all shapes and sizes. We got to look at replica drugs so that we could recognise them if they were to be offered to us in the future and so we could take steps to stay safe.” -Delali
“I learnt to make my e-account private to help me stay safe. People would have to request to contact you then.” -Jahaan


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