Teacher’s In Early Years

Posted: 21st February 2023

The learning opportunities and quality of education a child experiences from birth to 5 years old directly affects their early development whilst also shaping their life chances. The adults responsible for delivering these learning experiences can have a huge impact on a child’s progress and future life outcomes.

A high quality education is dependent upon all members of staff having appropriate knowledge, experience, training and skills.  A recent report from the Department of Education and Durham university revealed that children who are taught well in their first year of primary school go on to achieve better GCSE results in Maths and English. This is why expert teachers in the early years are crucial. 

Our Team

Mrs King (Little Elms Leader) has been with us now for over 3 years. She loves being able to share in the boys’ love of learning, supporting them with new ideas and structure making every day a fulfilled one. Mrs King started working in the childcare sector at just 17, working her way up from Room Leader  to a Deputy Director of a cluster of nurseries and then onto Elmhurst.

Mrs Farmer has over 20 years of experience teaching in the early years and has been with us for a year. Find out more about her time at Elmhurst here.

Specialist Teaching

At Elmhurst we are privileged to have specialist teachers in the performing arts (Music, Drama) Art, French, PE and Computing.  

Effective teaching

At Elmhurst, our experienced teachers prioritise spending as much time as possible interacting (not interfering) with children and observing them as they play, explore and learn. This allows them to build a deep insight into the child as an individual. They know where they are in their learning and can most appropriately guide and deepen their knowledge and skills to ensure they continue to progress. Through teachers extensive knowledge of the children they work with, they can make quick reflections and adjustments to directly help their pupils achieve their learning goals. 

A rigorous training programme for staff is key to maintaining the high quality of teaching and learning in our classrooms. They also benefit from collaborating with Early Years teams from our sister schools in the Bellevue Group, where they can share skills and knowledge.

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We are excited to announce, from September 2024, Elmhurst will open its doors to girls throughout the school. Nursery to Year 3  will become coeducational. If you are interested please email admissions@elmhurstschool.net 

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