Joshua Orphan Appeal

Posted: 26th March 2023

Appeal to help villages affected by Cyclone Freddy in Southern Malawi from our charity partner Joshua Orphan and Community Care. 

Elmhurst has supported Joshua Orphan and Community Care since 2005. Over the weekend, Southern Malawi was hit by Cyclone Freddy, the strongest cyclone on record, which has wreaked widespread devastation and seen a still rising death toll.
Current reports state that nearly 200 deaths are recorded, including many children.
Nearly 600 people are injured and over 20,000 people displaced through damage to their homes. Without support to provide funds and resources, these communities will struggle to get back on their feet.
The most vulnerable members of the communities will be those most affected as their homes are not robust enough to withstand such extreme conditions. Many homes have been completely destroyed or swept away into the flood waters. There will also be more ongoing issues of sanitation and access to food and clean water when Malawi is already in the grip of its largest Cholera outbreak which will be exacerbated by the current circumstances.
Joshua has launched an emergency appeal, aimed at fundraising to provide emergency relief and support rebuilding and other practical forms of support as necessary.
Joshua is a small grass roots charity with limited resources – if you would like to consider offering your support then Joshua would be very grateful. They have a Give as you Live page set up that can be found here: https://donate.giveasyoulive.com/campaign/cyclone-freddy-emergency-relief
Alternatively, you can find more information or donate via their website: Joshua Orphan and Community Care
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