Head’s Blog: Does Uniform Matter? Part 1

1st October 2021

Anyone who works with boys, or has boys, will no doubt be achingly familiar with the lost item routine. Just a few short weeks at Elmhurst and I am already aware that here, as it was in my last school, one of the most frustrating challenges faced on a daily basis is getting uniform to…

Head’s Blog: The Importance of Challenge

24th September 2021

The Guinness Book of Records published its 2022 edition this week and I can’t wait to get a look at it. It has always fascinated me to read about some of the incredible world records people have achieved but mainly because I want to know, why? A quick internet search gives an insight into some…

Head’s Blog: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try and Try Again

17th September 2021

Bromley raised Emma Radecanu provoked the latest surge of British sporting pride, last Saturday evening, as she secured an unprecedented victory at Flushing Meadows, becoming the US Women’s Tennis Open Champion. A fan of the game or not, the news has been hard to miss, with her success giving media owners and consumers, around the…

Head’s Blog: Superheroes

10th September 2021

Superheroes are an important part of life at Elmhurst – they remind us of six important skills that we need to develop to optimise our learning. Even our Reception boys can identify when their work has earned superhero status – there is a display wall to prove it when you enter No. 48, if you doubt…

Head’s Blog: Back To School

3rd September 2021

Back to school displays have been prominent in supermarkets for a while now and, like many pupils returning to the classroom, Elmhurst boys will no doubt be excited and nervous in equal measure about the start of our new academic year. “Will I like my new teacher? Will all my friends be pleased to see…